We work with PR agencies and programs and they use our database to find the right influencers. When something comes up, especially because we are helping target your followers, we are in a position to recommend you as an influencer that they may want to work with.

One example of someone using our service is a blogger who is ready to start working with brands as she is active in the industry - going to shows such at NY Fashion Week, etc. She wants to connect with brands that fit her feed's aesthetic and will possibly sponsor her with gifted items or payment. She also wants to connect with publicists who are looking for influencers in her niche. We connect her to these brands and publicists. When she wants to grow her influence with other bloggers, we switch the focus to growing her network with these individuals.

We take the time to find the right types of followers for you. It isn't a service where you "purchase" followers. We basically expose you to people who may take an interest in you and we develop your network in this way. It is meant for long-term partnerships and growth. Basically we pull records from our database and we start with connecting you with these individuals.